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Mobile Application Development

Applications, extensively developed in recent years, have become the most important communication channel connecting businesses and customers on mobile. An outstanding mobile app not only helps shape the way how businesses interact with customers, but also enables businesses to reach more audience and generate extensive returns by providing an excellent user experience.

Boost your customer engagement and increase your business ROI with our fast-delivered mobile applications.

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Shinetech Mobile App Development

Specialising in developing both enterprise and commercial mobile apps, we commit ourselves to delivering every project on time and within budget whilst fulfilling customer satisfaction. For those digital innovators who plan to build an app to attract investment and penetrate the market, our mobile application is a smart solution that focuses on building the most effective and pragmatic features. Unlike other mobile app development requiring long-term planning and coordination, our mobile apps, coupled with an elegant design, are developed fast to absolutely target your specific business needs and help you get a quick win in gaining revenue and customer insights through early market testing. Through years of continuous development process innovation and a deep dive into technology capabilities, we are proud of our high success rate of project delivery and long-term partnership built with both enterprise-level clients and innovative entrepreneurs.

Platform Overview

Native apps and hybrid apps are the two major solutions. While native apps offer the best performance with the deepest system integration and brilliant user experience, cross-platform apps stand out if only limited mobile features are required.

iOS Mobile App

Most apps come out with iOS system first when considering development cost and the speed to market. One of the major benefits of iOS app development is that iOS app always brings better user experience and easy to scale up in Apple ecosystem.

Technology Overview

Many iOS native app frameworks are supplied by Objective-C. Nowadays, Swift, which is designed to improve development efficiency has been widely adopted with great popularity. Alternatively, you could use products such as Xamarin.iOS and PhoneGap that add bridges and wrappers to facilitate the existing code base against iOS SDK APIs. No matter which technologies you would like to choose, we have qualified skillsets to accommodate your requirements.

Android Mobile App

Android has the largest platform share compared with the other operating systems. Differentiated from iOS revenue model, Android heavily relies on its in-app advertisements. It makes sense to start with an Android app if you prepare to reach your target audience as much as possible. Additionally, enhancing features and customizing an element can be another key driver to opt for Android app development.

Technology Overview

The major programming language for Android is based on Java. Sometimes, an Android app may suffer from system fragmentation across different devices. Here at Shinetech, we will leverage our technologies and rich experience to avoid potential incompatibility issues and help you build a scalable and effective Android app.

Cross-platform Mobile App

Developing a cross-platform app is something that many companies are keen on as the application only needs to be solidly developed once and while it can run on different platforms with customizable code. Cross-platform mobile app development particularly fits for those enterprises or start-ups that want to test the market for less cost.

Technology Overview

Ionic, Xamarin and React UI are the three emerging frameworks we use to access many native features of the mobile devices. By integrating native code into the cross-platform app, many features are compatible with native ones. Owning to a wealth of cross-platform app development experience, the apps we have built for our clients not only enhance user experience with outstanding performance and strong system compatibility, but also bring the intuitive user interface on board with elegant design and up-to-date technologies.

Development Process

Project Scoping

Our business analysts get started with learning everything about your business. By eliciting your project requirements and exploring the potential of digital transformation, we will identify a valid solution meeting your needs.

Infrastructure assessment
User persona creation


Once we pinpoint how your business serves its customers and create your user personas, we will draft user stories featuring how your users will be interacting with your app. Followed by a fast prototyping, our designers dedicate themselves to creating an intuitive design in an effort to achieve enhanced user experience.

Feature-based fast prototyping
UI design

Product Development

Keeping the whole development process on track, we make sure that all aspects and key issues are reviewed, refined, changed and improved by adapting through frequent communication in each iteration. With the adoption of agile development approach, our fast-delivered mobile app, absolutely targeting your specific business needs, help you get a quick win in gaining revenue and customer insights through early market testing.

Minimum Viable Product development
Mobile app localisation
Mobile app development
Quality assurance


A test-driven development approach harnesses the quality and precision of the project. Our testing procedures, ranging from functionality test to performance test, starts upon project start-up in order to secure the final success of the project.

Functional testing
Test automation

Ongoing Support

We understand that as your requirements might be changing in the future, it is always important to keep an eye on your app features and its performance to ensure it is always on the right track. Providing tailored technical support, we are confident that delivering new features or fixing any function issues of your existing app should not be a big problem.

App maintenance
Project rescue


Xiaoyue Huo

Senior Mobile App Project Manager

Contact: 020 3170 8428

Graduated with Master degree in Internet and Multimedia Engineering, Mr. Huo joined Shinetech as a mobile product manager in 2011 and based in Shinetech London office. While working for Shinetech, he fully tapped his knowledge into every project and developed his agile project management skills in the past few years. As a senior mobile project manager, Mr. Huo’s expertise lies in app feature analysis, UI & UX design and mobile technologies across sports, lifestyle, healthcare and professional service industry sectors. From commercial mobile apps such as Track Day Genius and Golf-Score Live to enterprise mobility apps including Robert Health, he is passionate about improving how people live and work through smart technologies. Taking the lead on many aspects of the mobile app development process in a proactive approach, he keeps the project on the right track and ensures the product to be delivered successfully.

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Who We Work With

The world's leading companies, startups, innovative entrepreneurs and incubators.

Track Day Genius

An intuitive lap timer coupled with clever data logging features to enhance the on-track performance through learning & sharing.

  • Data and performance report playback

  • 500+ racetracks around the world in the database

  • Engage in a social hub with your track day buddies


Digital portable guidebooks tailored for hunting in Austria area.

  • An app integrating all data required for hunting

  • Offline updates on a regular basis

Barts Health NHS Trust

A website aiming to provide Barts Health workforce with the necessary skills to meet the needs of patients and deliver safe and compassionate care.

  • The site provides users with the tools they need to fulfil key elements of statutory and mandatory safety obligations

  • Users can download the interactive PDF and take quizzes

  • Users can check their quiz completion history without login


Portable, quick and easy live scoring system designed for golfers, clubs & society organisers.

  • Live scoring from start to end of a match

  • Automatically calculates handicap stroke

  • Automatically updated live leaderboard


With three-year collaboration with our offshore development team, several SaaS products were completed and successfully launched to the markets.

  • Develop system for agencies: restaurant search/booking, booking analysis

  • Develop system for diners: restaurant search on name/location/discounts, map search, restaurant booking

  • Develop system for restaurant owners: base information management, sales promotion management, campaign management, reports management

IFX Markets

Simply useful trading mobile application to trade and research.

  • Provide current financial world and company news and events

  • Simple navigation, real-time updates, and enriched content from IFX market data feed

The Home of Quick and Easy Live Golf Scoring on Your Mobile

An interactive, feature-rich mobile application that would allow users to track their golf tournament performance, compare the scores with other peers and build connection between golfers.

Download the case study

Development of a Mobile Application for Race Track Enthusiasts

An interactive, feature-rich mobile application incorporating a telemetry algorithm that tracks and analyses users’ race performance and calculates everything from speed and acceleration rate to G-force and slope.

Download the case study

Changing the Way You Wear and Buy Through An App for Fashion

A mobile app giving inspirations and recommendations for those who are keen on wearing chic, and providing a mobile-commerce platform.

Download the case study

Development of a Mobile Application Exclusively for Vehicle Intelligent System

Client is a world leading car manufacturer, looking for a mobile app development team with localization experience in China to develop better ways to connect users’ smartphones to their vehicles.

Download the case study

Barts Health
NHS Trust

“Shinetech Europe has done an exceptional job of developing Interactive PDF for Barts Health NHS Trust. iPDF was delivered on time and on budget within 6 months of the Trust commissioning the product. iPDF is revolutionising the way our 16,000 staff complete their statutory and mandatory training. Barts Health NHS Trust has no hesitation in recommending Shinetech to the NHS.”

Jo Kobyluch

Associate Director of Education Academy at Barts Health NHS Trust

GolfScore LIVE

“From an initial idea Shinetech really helped me bring the product to life. You were instrumental in helping translate golf into technology in a simple way that everyone is now getting to enjoy.”

Christopher Cade

Founder of GolfScore-Live

Track Day Genius

“…Shinetech project manager is a true collaborator and central asset to the TDG team, often accompanying the stakeholders to Track events, to fully understand the user behavior and thus their expectations. Importantly, your project manager is not pretentious and is eager for team participation and feedback, a trait that is admirable and appreciated.”

Kofi Brenya

Product Manager at Track Day Genius


“ impressed I am with the product and everyone who is/has been involved in its creation! I have played around with it this morning and find it mega cool - restaurants will love this! I'm really proud of being part of such a cool team with such a top dollar product.”

Christopher Persson

President of Livebookings

Electronic Shipping Solutions

“The Shinetech team provide ESS with an outsourced team which collaborates effectively and efficiently with London based internal architecture, development and quality assurance functions. The technical capabilities, and commitment of the shinetech team provide ESS a development capacity expansion which enables our wider business goals. Predictable results are a key enabler in any SDLC, Shinetech are an excellent partner to achieve this. ”

Michael Hayes

CTO of Electronic Shipping Solutions


If you are not satisfied: The cost of the latest iteration (two weeks at most) will be waived if client is not satisfied with the deliverables and notifies Shinetech within 1 week.

Depending on your requirements, the contract can be project-based, prioritized user story-based and workload-based. All types of contract can be cancelled within 10 working days if you are not satisfied with our performance or staff.

We commit to 100% on-time project delivery. You can request compensation if your project does not go-live according to the schedule set in the contract.

Our competitive rates, together with high successful rate of project delivery ensure that you can benefit from our high quality deliverables in a cost-efficient way.

A free consultation with our industry specialist is available. We will respond within one business day with a further evaluation regarding your requirements.

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